1 Rupee Coin History & Value 2033 | 1 Rs Definitive Coins

Republic Indian 1 Rupee coin has been in circulation since 1950. In today’s post, we are going to discuss all definitive 1 Rupee coins till now circulation. Value and Specifications will also be discussed here. 1 Rupee 1950-1954 The 1st republic India 1 Rupee coin started minting in 1950. This coin design replaces King George … Read more

1 Rupee British India Coins worth 5 Lakh

Today we will know about some of the 1 Rupee British India Coins worth 5 Lakh. So if you also have British India coins one rupee of silver, then you can also get lakhs of rupees. Such rare coins are in high demand among collectors and you can get good prices for them. So read … Read more

1 Rupee Coin 1985

1 Rupee Coin 1985

1 Rupee Coin 1985 Coin is Very popular these days due to social media. 1 Rs coin these coins with corn 🌽 plant is quite old in design, these coins were since circulation 1983. 1 Rupee Value 1985 Coin H Mark was minted in the UK but this coin is not very rare. Front Side … Read more