5 Paise Coin Value 1967-1971

If you are a coin collector then many of you got these 5 Paise Coins from 1976 to 1971. Now for sure, you want to know these 5 Paise Coin Value from 1967-1971. Some of these coins are very rare and give you a very good selling price. If you want to know the value of these coins read this article carefully.

We have previously covered topic 5 Paise Coins from 1964-1966 which was very helpful for many of you if you still have not read that one you must have. Now it’s time to know 5 Paise Coin Value 1967 to 1971.

5 Paise Coin Design 1967-1971

5 Paise Coin Design 1967-1971 was slightly the same as the Previous coins. Now, these coins were started minting from Aluminium and Magnesium. Earlier these coins were minted from Copper-nickel with a weight of 4 grams. But 5 Paise Coins released after 1966 got the new metal as well as the weight of 1.5 gram (Aluminium and Magnesium).

Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Year of Launch1967 to 1971
Face Value5 Paise
Weight1.5 g
Diameter22 mm

5 Paise Coin price list 1967-1971

5 Paise Coin from 1967-1971 has different values or prices according to Year, Mint, and Coin Condition. These coins can give the value from 10 rupees to 350 rupees from fine to UNC condition.

5 Paise Coin Price 1967-1971

Mints – Bombay Mint = ♦, Calcutta Mint = No mark C Hyderabad Mint = *

5 Paise Coin / YearFine to Very fineUNC
5 Paise Coin 1967 Bombay Mint, Calcutta Mint₹10 to ₹30₹25 to ₹30
5 Paise Coin 1967 Hyderabad Mint₹15 to ₹25₹45 to ₹50
5 Paise Coin 1968 Bombay Mint, Calcutta Mint₹5 to ₹10₹45 to ₹50
5 Paise Coin 1968 Hyderabad Mint₹15 to ₹25₹45 to ₹50
5 Paise Coin 1969 Bombay Mint₹120 to ₹225₹250 to ₹350
5 Paise Coin 1970 Bombay Mint, Calcutta Mint₹30 to ₹50₹80 to ₹100
5 Paise Coin 1970 Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad Mint₹5 to ₹10₹15 to ₹20

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