1 Rupee 1985 H mark Coin Value 2.5 Lakh?

If you got an H mark 1985 1 Rupee coin in your pocket and if you are finding its value then are in right place. 1 Rupee 1985 H mark Coin Value is mostly depend on its rarity, so does a 1 Rs coin H mark 1985 can give a value up to 2.5 Lakh? The answer is Yes and No. One of these coins was auctioned a few years back at such a high price.

1 Rupee H mintmark coin is quite popular on social media and news websites these days. So let’s find out the value of this coin. 1 Rupee 1985 coin was released in all Indian coin mints and also in some foreign mints. Let’s find out the value of 1 Rupee old coin price in the current time.

1 Rupee 1985 Coin Design

Before we go into the pricing of 1 rupee 1985 coin today, let’s first go through the coin’s specifications. Since 1982, this design of the coin has been in circulation. The last time such coins were minted was in 1991. After 1991, these coins were minted of ferritic stainless steel and weighed 4.85 g.
On these coins of ₹ 1, you can see the earrings of the corn. On the other side of the coin, you get to see the Ashoka Pillar. Along with this, you can see India and India written in Hindi and English on it.
One rupee is also seen at revere side of the coin, also you can see the year of the making of the coin with a mint mark below. This 1985 1 Rupee coin was mint at all four Indian mints along with some foreign mints like Llantrisant (UK) & Heaton mint (UK)

♦ Diamond sign = Mumbai
• small dot = Llantrisant (United Kingdom)
(no mintmark) = Calcutta
* Star Sign = Hyderabad
° (circular dot) = Noida
H (letter “H”) = Heaton mint (UK)

Simler Post – One Quarter Anna George VI King Emperor Coin Value

TypeCommon Coin
Face Value1 Rupee
Weight6 g
Diameter26 mm
Thickness1.47 mm

1 Rupee 1985 Coin Price

We’ve already discussed the 1985 one rupee coin specs. Let us now evaluate which coins are most valuable and which are not in today’s market. If you have a 1985 one rupee coin that was released into common circulation, these coins are not regarded as rare. The one rupee 1985 h mark coin is quite common and may be found in almost any home.

In 1985, a significant number of one rupee coins were struck with the H mark. If we talk about the value of the 1985 coin that was released into regular circulation, this coin has a maximum value of 15 to 20 rupees in an uncirculated state and a value of 5 to 10 rupees in fine to extra fine condition. However, one of the 1985 coins was auctioned off for 2.5 lakh rupees, but it was never issued into general circulation; it was a trial oms coin.

OMS is for Off Metal Strike, and it describes when a coin is released with a different metal than usual that it called OMS. For example, this 1985 OMS One Rupee coin, which sold for 2.5 Lakh, was minted in Copper Only, but other 1985 coins were made in Copper-Nickel. These coins from 1985 were intended for test purposes. So, the next time somebody tells you that a 1985 coin is valuable,  show this article to him.

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