1 Rupee Cellular jail Coin Value

1 Rupee Cellular jail coin that are rare

We are very familiar with 1 rupee old coins some of them are rare and some common as well. Today in this article we are going to talk about 1 Rupee cellular jail coin value. Some of these coins are very rare and valuable. Read this article carefully and you will get to know which coins are rare and best to collect. 

Friends, this coin was issued in 1997 on the occasion of completion of a hundred years of jail located in Port Blair. This is what used to be imprisoned by the British when freedom fighters were punished with black water. That is why this prison has special importance in our country. Friends, it has been almost 21 years since this coin was issued. And in today’s time, it has become very difficult to find these coins and these coins can be considered valuable coins. Collecting such coins can be beneficial for you because some of these coins can be very good for future investment.

1 Rupee Cellular Jail Coin Features

Type of CoinCommemorative coin
Year of Launch1997
Face Value1 Rupee
MetalStainless steel
Diameter25 mm

1 Rupee Cellular jail Coin design

So friends, let’s talk about this 1 Rupee Cellular jail coin Value. Talking about the design of this coin, on one side you will be able to see the Ashoka Pillar made on this coin as well as India in Hindi and India in English also you can see written on it. Satyamev Jayate is written at the bottom of the Ashoka pillar and ₹1 is written below it.

1 Rupee Cellular jail Coin obverse
1 Rupee Cellular jail Coin reverse

On the second side of the coin, you will see at the top written Cellular Jail in Hindi and English And in the middle of the coin, you can see the picture of a cellular prison. Which is located on Port Blair, an island in India. This coin was made from Stainless Steel.

1 Rupee Cellular jail rare coin Value

And friends, now let’s talk about the value of this coin. If you have such a coin made in Noida Mint, then you can get ₹ 50 to 100 rupees for one such coin in UNC condition but the coins of other mints are common but still, you can collect them.

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