1 Rupee Coin Value 1950-1954

1 Rupees Old Coins

In 1947 when we get independence 1947, then the coins we use are from the British India period with a portrait of King George 6. But after that India is ready to release its own coins in 1950. The first 1 rupee coin of the republic of India is seen in 1950 and after this, the next rupee was released in 1954. Both of these coins came in the anna monetary system. But this system is ends in 1956 and after that, the decimal monetary system came in.

If any of you got 1 rupee coin released between 1950 to 1954 then surprisingly you can get a very high value in today’s time. 1 Rupee coin 1950-1954 is not very common in today’s era and It’s been a long time since the coins were released.

These 1 Rupee coins were part of the Anna monetary system which was later replaced by the decimal system in 1957. Some of these coins are considered very rare and collectible. So today we will find out which of them will give you the best market value. When India became a republic in 1950 these new 1 rupee coins were also introduced. These coins were released in different years, the first in 1950 and the second time in 1954. In 1950 1 Rupee coin was worth a lot as well and people were able to buy many things with one rupee. One Rupee’s value may be changed in today’s time but old coins’ value is still strong. Before knowing the 1 Rupee in 1950-1954 coin value let’s discuss some basic information and design specs.


This one rupee coin has an Ashoka lion pillar on one side with the Government of India mentioned. Another side of the coin has two corn strife pictures. 1 Rupee and ek rupya can be also seen on the coin with the year and mintmark on the bottom side. This one rupee coin was made of nickel with a weight of 11.66 grams.

Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Year of Launch1950-1956
Face Value1 Rupee
Weight11.66 g
Diameter27.9 mm

1 Rupee Coins Price (1950-1954)

One rupee coins in 1950 and 1954 both coins are not easily seen in the market today but the coins released in 1954 are rare coins than 1950 ones. If you got one rupee 1954 coin in UNC  condition then you can get up to ₹3500. Fine to extra fine condition coin can give you ₹1000 to ₹1800. 1 Rupee Coins of 1950 have a value of up to 800 Rupees in uncirculated condition. Fine to extra fine condition coins can give you from 150 rupees to 400 Rupees as per the condition.

After These, the next 1 Rupee coins are released in 1962 and 1970. YOu can read about them at this article – 1 Rupee 1962-1970

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