2 Rupees Steel Coin Sold for ₹8000

2 Rupees Rare coin

Many of you used these 2 Rupees steel coin in your daily life. But if I say that a 2 Rupee steel coin can have a value of up to 8000 rupees then you will not believe me easily for sure. Recently 2 Rs Steel coin auctioned for ₹8000 by a big auction house. So in today’s post, we will let you know about this special coin and also give you proof as well why it was sold at such an expensive price.

2 Rupees stainless steel coins design

This type of design 2 Rupees coin came into circulation in 2011 and was minted till 2019. Steel coins are often considered very common but in some cases, they can be very rare. These new 2 Rupees coins are made of Ferritic Stainless steel with a weight of 4.9gram. These coins come in 25mm Diameter and 1.54 in thickness. The shape of this coin is Round with reeded and smooth both types of edges.

Reverse Side

On the reverse side of this 2 Rs coin have the design of lotus flowers. Numeric letter 2 is also mentioned with (Rupee) Symbol. The minting year and Mint mark of the coin are also mentioned at bottom of the coin.

Obverse side

Ashoka Pillar with Styamev Jayete can be seen on the obverse side of the coin. भारत and India can be seen side by side.

2 Rupees rare experimental Coin worth ₹8000

We have already talked much about these common 2 rupees Steel coins. Now let’s find out the rare coin which was sold for 8000. Recently a 2 rupees experimental coin was launched in 2010 and minted at Hyderabad mint auction by the classical numismatic gallery with the amount of 8000 rupees. This coin was not a common coin but an experimental coin that was released just for showcase. Mostly these coins are reserved by Indian coin mints or by RBI but sometimes these coins also come to auctions. So in December month, this coin was auctioned in the amount of 8000 Indian rupees.

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