2 Rupees Satellite issue Note Value 3 Lakh?

2 Rupees Satellite issue notes are quite rare to find in today’s time. How much money will you get by selling this type of note in today’s time? If you have this question in your mind then you are in the right place. Today we are going to discuss the value and features of the 2 rupees Satellite issue note. This type of two rupees note is quite old and rarely seen in the market. But if you have these notes in your collection then a few of them are are valuable as well.
Before the 2 Rupees satellite issue note, we got tiger issue notes which were replaced by these once. This Satellite issue note started circulation in 1976 and keep printing till 1994.

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2 Rupees Note Design

The front side of the 2 Rupees note has the Reserve Bank of India printed in English and Hindi at the top. The left side Ashoka pillar is printed and the right side has a watermark where the Ashoka pillar is also printed but only can be seen in bright light. On the top right side, the note has the RBI logo and on the bottom right, the serial number of the note is mentioned. The bottom left of the note has 2 Rupaye mentioned in the Devanagari script. On the lower middle side of the note, the signature of the governor is also written in Hindi and English.

2 rs satellite back

On the backside of the note, you can see the picture of a Satellite in the middle. Topside reserve Bank of India is mentioned in the Devanagari script. Also 2 rupees this mentioned on the top and bottom line Hindi and English respectively.

2 Rupees note misinformation

There is plenty of misinformation on the Internet about the old Indian currency. Many big websites also spread the news about old Indian currency notes are sold in lakhs of rupees. Some of the youtube channels have also spread this news that you will get 3 lakh by selling 2 rupees notes. But if you want to know what is the real value of these notes then read this article carefully. So if you are fond of collecting old currency then our website and YouTube channel is good source of true and genuine information of old coins and notes.

2 Rupees Sattelite issue Note Price

This type of notes in circulation in different types of governors like K.R Puri

M Narsimha







The most expensive note among these governors is IG Patel’s signature note without wheel in watermark which has a value of hundred rupees in unc condition.

2-rs-ig-patel without wheel

Other governor’s notes can give you 20 to 50 rupees max. So this is the max value you can get for a Satellite issue note other than these if you got any fancy serial notes like 786786 or serial numbers like 111111,22222 …999999 then the value of these notes will be increased. Also if you got any error misprint notes which will also so give you good money than a normal note. But you need to know you will not get 2 or 3 Lakh rupees for this kind of note. These notes are rare but not that much rare that they will give you a Lakh of rupees.

Most Expesive 2 Rupees Sattelite note

As I said above if you got any fancy serial notes then there is a good chance for you to grab a good amount of money. Recently a 786786 serial note has been sold for ₹24000.

Another notes collection was also auctioned at a price of ₹45000 and ₹48000. These ware a collection of 10 notes which have a fancy serial on them like 100000,200000 to 1000000. Both collections were in very fine condition with signs of R.N Malhotra.

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