10 Paise Coin Value 1968-1971

10 Paise Coin Price and Specs

10 Paisa coins are not very common in today’s time but they still have a good value. 10 paise coins released from 1968 to 1971 is our today’s main topic. 10 Paise Coin can be valued higher if you found any rare one. What is the value you will get from these coins in today’s time and what are the changes made from the previous design coins, we will know all the information in today’s post here?

In the previous post, we have talked about the coins of 10 Paise Released from 1964 to 1967 which you can read if you want more information. The main change in these 10 paise coins was the metal which was changed. Previously these coins were made from copper-nickel but for now, these started minting in aluminum and bronze. Also, the weight of these coins is changed now the weight is 4.25 g earlier these coins were 5g in weight. All the other design is almost the same as the previous coin. Now let’s talk about the 10 paise coins value.

10 Paise 1970
Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Year of Launch1968 to 1971
Face Value10 Paise
Metal Aluminum-bronze
Weight4.25 g
Diameter22 mm
Shape8 Scalloped

10 Paise coin Price list 1968 to 1971

10 paise coins can give you a good value but only if you got in good condition. But I don’t think you will get thousands or lakh rupees for selling these coins. These coins can give you a value of up to 40 to 50 rupees in uncirculated conditions. Check the counter full price list below for all the information.

10 Paise Coin Price List

10 Paise Coin / YearFine to Very fineUNC
10 Paise Coin 1968₹15 to ₹20₹25 to ₹30
10 Paise Coin 1969 ₹15 to ₹20₹25 to ₹30
10 Paise Coin 1970₹15 to ₹20₹25 to ₹30
10 Paise Coin 1970 Calcutta Mint₹15 to ₹25₹40 to ₹50
10 Paise Coin 1971 ₹15 to ₹20₹25 to ₹30

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