10 Rupees Cross Coin sold for 6 Lakh

10 rupees cross coin is considered as a very common coin but some of them can give a good amount of value. 10 Rupee cross coins are also known as Unity in diversity coins which are also released in 1,2 and 5 Rupees coins. These 10 rupee coins were minted from 2005 to 2007 for general circulation, soon after these cross coins were replaced with new information technology theme coins in 2008 which have 15 rays. These 10 rupees coins were bimetallic. By term bimetallic means these coins are made from two different metal compositions.

10 Rupees coin Circulation

These 10 rupee cross coins were first-of-its-kind released in common circulation. After testing many types of different designs finally, this unity in diversity coin was selected for minting. These 10 rupees cross coin came into circulation in 2005 later in 2008 these coins were stopped minting due to some controversy over their design. So 10 rupee cross coins were replaced by the new design coins with the theme of information technology, these information technology coins and circulation from 2008 to 2010.

10 Rupees earlier coins history

Ten rupees coins were not very common in earlier republic India before 2005. In 1969 these 10 rupee coins were released in commemorative issue with the picture of Mahatma Gandhi. Later in 1970 and 1972 different types of commemorative were also released. The coin was released in 1975 with a picture of lotus and was a part of the food for all series coins. In 1972 another 10 rupee coin was released on the 25th anniversary of independence. All these three coins were made from silver.

We have gathered enough information about 10 rupee older coins now let’s get into it 10 rupee cross coins.

Design of 10 Rupee coins

These 10 rupee cross coins were made from different types of metals. The coin outer ring was made from copper and nickel and the center part was made from aluminum and bronze. The coin has an Ashoka pillar on its side Satyamev Jayate also written below the pillar. Bharat and India are also mentioned on the top side. At the bottom, you can see the minting year with the mintmark. At the reverse side of the coin, we can see the symbol of unity in diversity: 10 rupees in English and दस रुपए. The coin is 7.71 grams in weight and 27 mm in size. The thickness of the coin is 1.8 mm. The coin is in a round shape without outer and inner rings.

10 Rupees coins Specs

Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Year of Launch2005 to 2007
Face Value10 Rupees
Metal Copper-Nickel center and Aluminum-bronze
Weight7.71 g
Diameter27 mm
Thickness1.8 mm

10 Rupees Cross Coins Price

These cross 10 rupee coins only were minted in three different years and few of them were considered rare. But before knowing these common coins values, We will discuss some Special Pattern Coins Value which was released for testing and not for common circulation.

10 Rupee Cross pattern Coins

One of these 10 rupee pattern coins with the date of 2006 were brought in the auction and this pattern coin was minted in Calcutta mint. This coin has an estimated value of 1 lakh rupees.

Similarly, a 10 Rupee cross coin minted in 2004 was auctioned by a foreign auction house and the amount of 8000 US dollars which is around 6 Lakh in Indian Rupees.

10 Rupees Coin Price list 2005-2007

Now we will discuss the 10 rupees cross coin released in common circulation. All of these three cross coins were released from Noida mint. The most expensive coin among these coins is the 2005 coin which can give you a value of 400 to 500 rupees in uncirculated condition and if you got this coin in Extra Fine condition you can get up to the value of 250 to 300 rupees.
2006 cross coin has a value of up to 30 rupees in UNC and the coin was released in 2007 a value of up to 100 rupees in uncirculated condition.

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