10 Paise Coin Value 1964-1967

Today’s post will discuss the value and specs of 10 paise coin value 1964 to 1967, some of these coins are extremely rare. Previously we have already discussed 10 Paise coins value 1957-1963 you check out that post as well. 10 Paise coins were a major part of currency circulation in the ’90s era and a lot of things can be bought at that time. But if got any rare 10 Paise coin still it can give you good money. Finding rare coins is not very easy but if you have the right knowledge than your job is easy.

10 Paise Coin Design

10 Paise from 1964 to 1967 coins are almost the same design as the previous ones released between 1957 to 1963 but the small difference here is that it now has 10 Paise written on the Coin instead of Naye Paise. “Rupaye ka Dasvan Bhag” Is still present on the coin. Metal and the weight of this wine is still the same as previously made with copper-nickel with 5 gram.

10 paise 1964
Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Year of Launch1964 to 1967
Face Value10 Paise
Weight5 g
Diameter22 mm
Shape8 Scalloped

10 Paise Coin Price

10 Paise Coin / YearFine to Very fineUNC
10 Paise Coin 1964₹25 to ₹60₹70 to ₹100
10 Paise Coin 1964Hyderabad Mint₹50 to ₹100₹120 to ₹300
10 Paise Coin 1965₹10 to ₹20₹25 to ₹30
10 Paise Coin 1965 Hyderabad Mint₹50 to ₹100₹120 to ₹300
10 Paise Coin 1966₹10 to ₹20₹25 to ₹30
10 Paise Coin 1966Hyderabad Mint₹10 to ₹30₹30 to ₹50
10 Paise Coin 1967₹25 to ₹50₹60 to ₹100
10 Paise Coin 1967Hyderabad Mint₹50 to ₹100₹110 to ₹300

This was the full price list of 10 paise coin value. If you have any suggestions and feedback comment down below and make sure you share this article with others on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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