1/2 Rupee Coin Value 1950-1956

If you have 1/2 Rupee coin in your collection and you are interested in knowing that how much value can you get by selling them. Then you are landed on the right platform. In today’s post, we are going to explain the price/value and features of 1/2 Rupee Coin or half a Rupee released between 1950 to 1956. These 1/2 Rupee coins are rarely found in today’s time in the market. Half rupee coin is very similar to 50 paise coins. If you have this half rupee coin in your collection then some of the coins can give you a good amount of money. These coins are very collectible in today’s time and some of the coins can give you a good amount of money. Before knowing the coin value let’s find out some basic features and designs of these coins.


1/2 rupee coin
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1/2 rupee coins were released from 1950 to 1956. these coins are equal to 8 annas which is an anna system’s term. After 1957 the decimal system took the place of the Anna system. Let’s talk about the design.
Obverse side
On the obverse side of the coin, you can see the Ashoka pillar. Government of India written on the coin and a star mark at the bottom which is not the mint mark of the coin.

Reverse side

The reverse side of the coin has 1/2 Rupee written. Aadha Rupya (आधा रुपया) also mentioned on the top side. On the bottom side, you can see the year with a mint mark below.


1/2 rupee coins were minted in Bombay = ♦ Diamond Mark & Calcutta mint = No Mark.

1/2 Rupee Price list

Some of these half rupee coins are quite rare and it is very difficult to find them in UNC condition. But if you got it then you are eligible to get a good amount of value so let’s find out which one is the rarest. Check out the complete price list of 1/2 Rupee or Half Rupee below.

1/2 Rupee Coin / YearFine to Extra fineUNC
1/2 Rupee Coin 1950 Bombay₹30 to ₹80₹400 to ₹500
1/2 Rupee Coin 1950 Calcutta (Rare)₹60 to ₹500₹800 to ₹1100
1/2 Rupee Coin 1951 Bombay₹30 to ₹60₹90 to ₹100
1/2 Rupee Coin 1954 Calcutta₹15 to ₹50₹90 to ₹100
1/2 Rupee Coin 1955 Bombay (Rare)₹110 to ₹550₹1800 to ₹2000
1/2 Rupee Coin 1956 Calcutta ₹15 to ₹50₹110 to ₹310

1/2 Rupee 1950 Calcutta & 1955 Bombay mints Coin the rarest coins among them. So this was the price list of 1/2 Rupee coins. if you like this article share it with others on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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