1 Naya Paisa Coin Value 1957-1961

1 Naya Paisa Coin was introduced in 1957 were 1 naya Paisa equivalent to 1⁄100 (रूपये का सौवाँ भाग). Before Paisa or Decimal system was introduced India have the Anna system, where 1 Rupee has 16 annas.

After 1955 Indian Coins were part of the Decimal System earlier Indian currency was part of the Anna system. On 1 June 1964 Naya Paisa Term was dropped and called One Paisa only. Naya Paisa was no more a legal tender in India which means you can’t buy anything with it but still it’s collectable for coin collectors.


  • This coin was in circulation from Year – 1957-1961 after that these coins were demonstrated by the government.
  • Coin comes in Plain Edge Design
  • Face value – 0.01 Paisa
  • Weight – 1.5g
  • Diameter – 16mm
  • Shape – Round

1 Naya Paisa Coin Value & Price

YearAvailability VFXFUNCMint
B= Bombay (Mumbai) Mint, C= Calcutta (Kolkata) Mint, H= Hyderabad Mint

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  3. मेरे पास नया पेसा के 50 सिक्के है 1950 से 1964 तक के जो मुझे बेचने है ओर भी पुराने सिक्के है जो मूझे बेचने है ओर 786 वाले 10 नोट भी है जो भी मुझे बेचने है कोई खरीददार हो तो सम्पर्क करे

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