1/4 Rupee Coin Value 1950-1956 | 4 Anna Coins Price

Some of you may have these 1/4 Rupee coins of republic India but these coins are not very common at the current time. These are the first coins issued after independence in 1947. before These coins, India is using British Indian coins But in 1950 our country started minting the coin which doesn’t have the British king’s picture. So now we have the coin of 1/4 rupee which is also known as 4 annas. These coins were part of the anna system which was changed to a decimal system later in 1957. 1/4 Rupee Coin was in circulation from 1950 to 1956. Some earlier coins of republic India were made of nickel, so these 1/4 rupee coins were also made from the same metal. Now if you got some of these 1/4 Rupee coins and want to know what is the value or price of these coins in the current time then you are in the right place. Now let’s find out the value of these coins.

Design of 1/4 Rupee

Let’s Discuss some key features of these coins first.

Obverse side 

Ashoka pillar can be seen at the obverse side of the coin and ‘Government of India’ is also mentioned. 

4 anna 1954

Reverse side

On the other side, you can see “Chaar Anna”(चार अन्ना) written in Devanagari script on the top side. On the middle side, 1/4 Rupee is mentioned and a beautiful design of grain. The bottom of the coin has a minting year with the mintmark. 

These coins were made of Nickel and had a weight of 2.73g. Edges of these coins are reeded edge. These 4 anna coins are minted in Bombay and Calcutta mints only. 

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Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Year of Launch1950-1956
Face Value1/4 Rupee चार आना
Weight2.73 g
Diameter19 mm

1/4 Rupee Price List

These 4 anna or 1/4 Rupee coins are quite valuable only if you have these in UNC condition. UNC coin’s price can go up to 300 to 400 Rupees. Check out the full price list below.

1/4 Rupee Coin / YearFine to Extra fineUNC
1/4 Rupee Coin 1950 Bombay₹25 to ₹80₹140 to ₹150
1/4 Rupee Coin 1950 Calcutta ₹25 to ₹80₹150 to ₹200
1/4 Rupee Coin 1951 Bombay, Calcutta₹15 to ₹50₹90 to ₹100
1/4 Rupee Coin 1954 Calcutta₹15 to ₹50₹90 to ₹100
1/4 Rupee Coin 1955 Bombay₹30 to ₹150₹280 to ₹300
1/4 Rupee Coin 1955 Calcutta₹15 to ₹50₹110 to ₹310
1/4 Rupee Coin 1956 Calcutta₹15 to ₹50₹110 to ₹310

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