50 Paise Expensive Coin

These 50 Paise coins were circulated from 1984 to 1990. Coin collectors can give you a high value for these rare 50 paise coins but it is only possible if you got any rare coin. This coin was quite common in the 90s era. From 50 paise coins, you can buy coffee, tea, or a samosa. At the current time, 50 paise coins have been vanishing from the market. You will not get any single thing from this 50 paise coin even a beggar will not accept these coins. But if you got a rare coin that has a value then still get a high value for this type of coin so let’s talk about the design of the score first and then we’ll talk about the value. On the front side of the coin, you can see some beautiful designs. 50 paise written in Hindi and English. On the backside of the coin, you can see the Ashok stamp and Satyamev Jayate written on it, and also you can see Bharat and India written on its back. This coin was made of Copper and Nickel and is called have a weight of 5 grams. This coin was minted in Bombay Calcutta and Noida mints.


भारत INDIA
सत्यमेव जयते


पैसे 50 PAISE

Now let’s talk about the value of these coins which can give you the highest value. The first coin that comes on the list uses the 1989 coin which was minted in the Hyderabad mint. This coin has a value of 1500 to 2000 rupees in UNC condition. The next coin that comes in the list is a 1988 coin that was minted in Noida mint. Is Noida’s main coin has a value of 6000 rupees in UNC condition? The next coin you are talking about is a Bombay Mint coin which was minted in 1986 this coin has a value of 6000 to 7000 Rupees in UNC condition. So these were the most expensive coin at 50 paise. Hope this article was informative for you please share your feedback in the comment box.

TypeCommon coin
Weight5.09 g
Diameter24 mm
Thickness1.5 mm

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