50 Naye Paise Coin Value 1957-1963

In today’s post, we will discuss the most expensive and valuable 50 naye paise coins. These coins are one of the rarest among all 50 paise coins made of Nickel metal. Some of these coins can give you a value up to 60000 Rupees each. To understand the rarest coin among these read this post carefully.

These days Coin collection become very popular among common people but understanding which coins are valuable is still a big task. If you’re collecting any common coin, this is not a smart choice, but If you are collecting coins as a hobby then it’s okay. if you really want to make a profit you need to collect some rare coins which are valuable. 50 naye paise written coins are one of the most collectible coins among all 50 paise because they can give you up to 60000 Rs for a single coin. Before knowing the coin year which is the most expensive and rare we will discuss specification and design in the first place.


Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Year of Launch1957 to 1963
Face Value50 Naye Paise (Half Indian Rupee)
Diameter24 mm

50 naye paise coin started minting from 1957 to 1963. These 50 paise coins were minted under the decimal monetary system which was started in the same year 1957.
Obverse side: Ashoka pillar with Bharat and India is mentioned.
Reverse side: Rupaye ka Adha Bhaag( रुपए का आधा भाग ) is mentioned on the top side of the coin. 50 naye paise, mint year, and mintmark can be seen. These coins were minted in Bombay (♦️) and Calcutta mint (No mintmark).
Edge: These coins have reeded edges.

Smiler Post 1/2 Rupees coin value

50 Naye Paise Price List

50 Naye paise all coins are collectibles but every coin is not worth 60,000 Rupees so check out the price list below. The price list Mentioned all coins with the Value as well.

50 Paise Coin / YearVery Fine to Extra fineUNC
50 Naye Paise Coin 1957 Bombay Mint₹21000 to ₹35000₹55,000 to ₹60,000
50 Naye Paise Coin 1959 Bombay Mint₹16000 to ₹26000₹45000 to ₹50000
50 Naye Paise Coin 1960 Bombay Mint₹60 to ₹80₹90 to ₹110
50 Naye Paise Coin 1960 Calcutta Mint₹20 to ₹30₹40 to ₹60
50 Naye Paise Coin 1961 Calcutta Mint, Bombay Mint₹20 to ₹30₹40 to ₹60
50 Naye Paise Coin 1962 Calcutta Mint, Bombay Mint₹20 to ₹30₹40 to ₹60
50 Naye Paise Coin 1963 Calcutta Mint, Bombay Mint₹40 to ₹60₹40 to ₹60

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