2000 Rupees Note withdrawn by RBI

The big news is coming about ₹2000 note. RBI has decided that ₹2000 notes will be withdrawn.₹2000 notes were issued after demonetization in the year 2016. Nowadays, even two thousand notes are rarely seen. ₹2000 notes have also stopped coming out of ATMs for a long time. Regarding giving back of ₹2000 notes, RBI has to say that the decision has been taken under the clean note policy. Even though it is being said that these 2000 notes are going out of circulation, they will still remain legal tender.

  • Released in 2016
  • Height 66 mm
  • Mangalyaan Printed
  • New Gandhi Ji Series
  • Color – Magenta
  • Face Value – ₹2000

You people do not need to worry at all, you can deposit ₹ 2000 notes in banks from May 23, 2023. Apart from this, if you have to change your notes, then you can get 10 notes changed at a time. Time till September 30 has been given to exchange the notes. It was discussed for a long time that ₹ 2000 notes may soon stop circulating in the market because their printing has been done long back. Do tell us by commenting what is your opinion about this decision of RBI. Keep visiting our website for more informative posts. If you liked this post, then share it with your friends in WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

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