10 Rupees Peacock Note Value 65000 Rs

Here we are with you with another interesting article about the 10 rupees peacock note which is very popular on social media.

We will talk about 10 rupees 3 expensive mor (peacock) note which has been sold up to ₹65000. As you know we always give you information that is based on reality and facts so do subscribe to our website which is free. 10 rupees peacock notes are not very common these days, Rarely these notes can be seen in the market and some of these notes can be very beneficial for you and give you a very high value.

 If you got any of these notes, comment down below which governor note you get, maybe you also owe any rare Verity note as well.

 If you got any of these notes, comment down below which governor note you get, maybe you also owe any rare Verity note as well.

These days we get so much false information on social media and YouTube about these 10 rupees peacock notes. You need to always remember that every note can’t be rare or valuable. Many videos and articles on social media claim that these common notes can give value in Lakh and Crore please beware of such information which never gives you proof about that.

So let’s start with the 1st Valuable Peacock note which has been signed by R.N Malhotra. This note is not any normal note but a 786 note and 786 comes twice in notes serial no. Any note which has 786786 in serial no. is very collectible and probably very high in value as well.  

1st Note

This 99G 786786 note with R.N Malhotra sign was auctioned for 15000₹. This note was very fine.

Our 2nd note

Our second note is also 786786 serial and the prefix is J9K this note is also signed by R.N Malhotra but this is in UNC or Uncirculated condition that’s why this note was sold for auction in 22000 rupees in 2015 

Our 3nd note 

The next available note is also  signed by R N Malhotra but this is not a single lot but a set of 10 notes where are all the notes have fancy serial numbers like 65N 100000, 65N 200000

See the image below 

These notes were sold recently in an auction for 65000 rupees which is very huge. Sometimes higher bidding also increases the value of notes because the auctions have lots of buyers there. 

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  1. I have 1 peacock 10 rupee note and 1 vaishnavi devi matha 5 rs coin, 1 komagata maru 5 rupee coin. Konark chakra 20 rupee note. Wants to sell it

  2. I have the peacock 10 rupee note and its serial no is 20L 692952 Signed by Mr.RN.Malgothra it is in good condition if anyone need please contact me. 9731985552.

  3. Hi all i am sale old notes 10rs peacock note and 5rs note, 1rs notes, 2rs notes then also available 20 types of old coins. If u want contact me my number +91 9989725948.


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