5 Rupees Indira Gandhi Coins value 1917-1984

Before 1985 The 5 Rupees coins were not minted in the Republic of India. Common 5 Rupees coins were not part of the Currency till 1992.

5 rupees Indira Gandhi coin was launched in 1985. There is so much miss information on the internet about this 5 Rupees coin of Indira Gandhi. Many people on the internet spread fake news about this 5 rupee coin, the value that is told in their videos is that this coin can be valued up to 5 Lakhs to 2 Crore. Do you really want to know the actual value of this coin? If Yes then you have the basic knowledge about this coin.

This 5 rupees coin was one of the first Indian coins launched value of 5 rupees. 5 rupee coins of Indira Gandhi were not easily visible in the market but these coins are still very common. These coins were minted in Bombay and Hyderabad mints. These coins were minted with metal Copper Nickel. The size of these is larger than the coins circulated in today’s time, Size is around 31mm. The front side of this coin has Ashoka Lion Capital And 5 rupees and India mentioned.  The back side of the coin has a picture of Indira Gandhi, Indira Gandhi is mentioned in Hindi and English.

5 rs coin Indira Gandhi

5 Rupees Indira Gandhi coins features

This was the first commemorative coin released in India with a value of 5 rupees. This type of 5 rupee coin is collectible but the value is not that much. 

Some fake 5 rupee coins are Also being circulated, including pictures of Indira Gandhi with Rudraksha Mala. Be aware of such coins have no value because they were never minted by the Indian government or RBI.

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1. Coin Type – commemorative coin
2. Year of Launch – 1985
3. Metal – Copper Nickel
4. Diameter – 31.1 mm
5. Shape – Round
6. Weight – 12.5 g

7. Issued from Bombay and Hyderabad mint
8. 1st Commutative coin of India after the republic.

These 5 Rupees coins were also launched in Proof Sets and UNC sets. Proof Coin sets contain 50 paise, 5 Rupees, 20 rupees, and 100 rupees coins. On the other side, UNC sets have 20 Rupees and 100 Rupees coins.

The price of proof can go up to 19,000 Indian rupees whereas UNC sets cost around 4000 rupees.

Why there is so much confusion about this coin’s value in India?

Now let’s talk about these Common 5 Rs Coin Values. As already told you that these coins
Mint around 59,288,00 so these coins don’t have that much Value of 5 Rupees Indira Gandhi Coin
F 20₹
VF 25₹
XF 30₹
UNC 50₹
So you got to know that these coins have a maximum value of 50 rupees in uncirculated conditions. So got to know that it is not valuable as you have been told on the Internet. So you beware of any such misleading information only believe on facts.

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