2 Rupees Tiger Note Value | Sell 2 rs note price 3 lakh

2 Rupees Note may be costly than you think it should be.

2 rs notes are very costly if they have any extra features than a normal note 

2 Rupees notes are very costly if they have any extra features than a normal note. Sewing today’s article we are going to discuss this 2 Rupees full Tiger note value. This note was launched in 1970 during the time of S. Jagannathan as an RBI Governor. the color of the note is the size 107×63 mm designer same as but with incorrect Urdu regional language.

If we talk about the design of this note on the front side of the note you can see the Reserve Bank of India written in English and Hindi as well right side of the note you can see the Ashoka Pillar and the left side have a watermark on it the note have to rupees written in Hindi on the right side of the note you can see the serial number of the note and just above you can see the signature of the Governor the backside of the note have a full Tiger image which is replaced from the previous Note with a tiger.

If we talk about the value of this note in current time first we need to know which Governor has launched this to rupees note the first governor who launched was S Jagannathan then it was launched in K R Puri time after that I G Patel and Dr. Manmohan Singh Aryan Malhotra and S Venkataraman also the part of the circulation of this note.

These 2 Rupees notes were launched in 1967, before this we have 2 rupees notes with only the face of the tiger. the main reason behind the tiger printed on the note was that Tiger is the national animal of India. Here we are not talking about any normal note instead of we will talk about a unique note which was sold 3 lakh singed by R.N Malhotra Ji. The note was note common note it was a specimen copy. all the Serial of this note was 000 0000000.

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This Note was Auctioned by the Classical Numismatic Gallery on 21 January 2017. Sold for ₹3,32,000

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