100 Rupees Old Note Sold for 2 Lakh

If you think 100 rupees note value only hundred rupees But this doesn’t apply with old currency notes, if you got an old 100 rupees note then you can get value up to 2 lakh and that is 100% true. A few years back a 100 rupees old note sold for 2 lakh Rupees. We are going to talk about some of the most precious ₹100 notes that you may have in exchange for which you may also get a good price.

100 Rupees note brief information

So, friends, you must have seen notes with such old Gandhi series designs of ₹100, and if you find such notes with the agriculture of ₹100, you will definitely get such notes. At the same time, such new design notes of ₹100 have been in circulation for a long time, but have you ever seen a note with such a dam of ₹100, the Hira Kund Dam? You will rarely see such an old note today because these notes have become very rare in today’s times. There will be many new collectors of you who hardly have such notes.

So today we will talk about this old dam note of ₹100 and tell you which note it that’s has been sold for the entire ₹2 lakhs. So you must read this article carefully. Old notes have always attracted currency collectors and those collectors are looking for such old notes and as soon as they get such notes, they want them to quickly collect such notes in their collection. So if you also want to sell any such old notes and coins, you will also be given full details in this article.

Even before such agriculture notes of ₹100 in our country, such notes were operated with a picture of Hirakund dam, and these notes are known as 100 Rs Hirakund Dam issue notes.

Old 100 Rs Hirakud Dam issue Note design

On one part of the note, you can see at the top of the note “Reserve Bank of India” in Hindi and English. On the left side of the note, you get to see a white stripe, and also there ₹100 written in English. The serial number of the note is also marked on the top and bottom of the note, you also get to see the governor’s signature at the bottom of the note.

Also on the back of the note, you will find the Reserve Bank of India at the top in the Hindi (Devnagri) language.
You also see a white stripe on the left side of the note and ₹100 is also written in Hindi on the same side. These notes were issued during the time of 4 different RBI Governors. S. Jagannathan, K.R. Puri, M. Narasimham, I.G. Patel

100 Rupees Note Value 2 Lakh

image credits – classical numismatic gallery

RBI always first releases a specific copy of a new note whenever it is being issued. These notes Called Specimen Note and were never issued for general circulation, but only for demonstration purposes. Most of these notes are auctioned later. And one such 100 Rs Specimen Note Hirakud Dam issue Note was auctioned by the classical numismatic gallery at a Price of 2 Lakh.

100 Rupees Dam issue common Note Value

The notes with pictures of such a dam of ₹2 were issued during the time of four different governors, but the current price is almost the same. Such notes can cost you between ₹500 to ₹600 in UNC conditions today. And even if your note is in extra fine condition, you can get between ₹200 to ₹300. Such notes in very fine condition can cost you between ₹150 to ₹200. So this information was ₹100 dam picture notes that cost up to 2 Lakhs If you like this article, you will definitely share it on Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

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  1. I have same 100 rupees note and I have many different types of Indian old coins and notes collection. 25 paise to 100 all notes and Coins, rare and old coins are available

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