Sell Old coins and Note to Direct Buyer

Selling Old coins and Note in India

If you got rare coins & notes and want to sell them then there is good news for you. But it’s not very easy to sell them with good value easily. Most of you don’t know how to Sell Old Coins and Note to Direct Buyer. Finding a genuine or trusted coin & notes buyer (Currency Collector) is an easy job for everyone. In today’s post, we’ll tell you about several trusted websites and legitimate methods for selling your old notes and coins.

If you are looking for an old coin buyer, you will find information about it in this Post. You’ve probably heard of names like IndiaMart, OLX, Quikr, and coin bazaar on the internet, as instances of which many major news websites provide. There is a lot of stuff on these news websites that are completely contradictory to the truth. So in today’s post, we will not only tell you about the website for selling coins and notes, but we will also tell you about the quarry of “old coin buyers near me” and how to find sellers near you.
Along with this, we will inform you that if you have any really valuable coins or notes and wish to auction them, we will provide you with the website for those auctions.

Before Selling your old Currency Notes & Coins

If you wish to sell your old notes and coins, you should first know which notes and coins will be sold easily. If you honestly want to sell any notes or coins, you must collect coins and notes that are extremely rare, because common coins can not give a high amount of value. To understand which coins & notes are rare, follow our Youtube Channel and Website. We will provide you with 100% real information based on facts and proof.

Coins & Notes that Sold for High Price

Consider some coins and notes that have recently been sold at a considerably higher price.

Some Most Valuable Old Notes

Let’s start with the high-value notes that sold recently in the auctions. Old Indian notes can be seen in almost every household but it is not necessary that every old Indian Currency is Valuable. So let’s discuss some expressive Indian notes which are sold in auctions.

5 rupees tractor note

image credit – Classical Numismatic Gallery

If you have such a 5 Rupees tractor note and its serial number with 786786 that can give you a good amount. So the first note you can see here is a 5 rupees tractor note which was signed by Bimal Jalan and this note have 22A 786786 in its serial number and this note was in uncirculated condition. This note was sold on the 2015 auction in the amount of 6100 rupees. Similarly, if you got other tractor notes and want to know the value of these old notes follow my article on this 5 Rupees Tractor Note Value. In that article, I have detailed information about this coin value which notes are rare and which are not. 

2 Rupees Satellite issue note sold for Rs 24000

image credit – Classical Numismatic Gallery

So the next note in our list is 2 rupees satellite issue note. 2 Rupees note has a picture of a satellite named Aryabhata on its backside. This note was signed by RN Malhotra and the serial number of this note is 12H 786786. This 2 Rupees satellite issue note was also sold in 2015 in the amount of 24000 Indian rupees. 

10 Rupees Peacock Note sold for Rs 22000

image credit – Classical Numismatic Gallery

The next note on our list is 10 rupees peacock note which was signed by RN Malhotra this not also got the serial number 786 786 and the note was in a circulated condition this note was sold and the amount of 22000 rupees. 

Some Most Valuable Old Coins

Referring to valuable coins most of the time it’s not an easy job to find a Valuable Coin in your home. But for sure some of you got some rare old Indian coins with you.

image credit – Classical Numismatic Gallery

Talking about Old Expensive Coin, You can see 1 coin on the screen right now, which was Struck by the Bombay Mint in 1982. This 1 Rupee Coin is one of India’s Most rare coins. This coin, which was in UNC condition, was sold at auction for ₹35000.

image credit – Classical Numismatic Gallery

Similarly, a 1 coin minted in 1970 and manufactured at the Bombay mint has been auctioned for a price of ₹5600, so you know what sort of coins you could be eligible to purchase at these ridiculously high prices.

Old Currency that is not worthy

If you have any regular coins of Mata Vaishno Devi or 5 Rupees Tractor, you will not receive much value for them. But there are some coins & notes are that are collectible and unique, and you may learn more about them by clicking here. You may also come across numerous news on the internet that calmed that any coins and notes as rare and collectible. Never believe anything until they provide proof from some genuine source.

How to Sell your Old Coins & Notes

Old Coins and notes Selling Platforms

So now we tell you which Platforms that will help you can sell your rare coins and notes.

So the first Platform we have here is Toddywala Auctions, after this, the name of the second Platform is Classical Numismatic Gallery, both of these are India’s biggest coin Auction Houses they Keep conducting coin auctions in different parts of India throughout the year. Both of these platforms Works Offline and Online. but these Auction Houses only deal in very rare antique coins & notes so don’t think you will be able to sell any common currency with them.

Other Currency Selling Option

If you are finding Old Coin Buyer near your area then you Go to and search for “old coin buyer near me” you will find some results that may help you. finding an old coin buyer’s WhatsApp or Contact number will not help you much.

So this was a complete Guide you sell your old coins & notes. If you like this article make sure to share it with others.

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