2 Rupees Coin value up to 3 Lakh

2 Rupees Coin Value

If you also want to become rich by selling old coins and notes, your dream may come true. Today we get to know you about 2 Rupees Coin after which you can get a price of up to 3 Lakh. But it’s not that easy to find this coin, but if you get to pay attention to this article, you’ll get the full details of it, and one of you may still have such a coin.

Commemorative Coins

RBI issues some coins from time to time called commemorative coins These coins are launched on a particular occasion.

 platinum jubilee coin

A coin that you are seeing on-screen on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of the Reserve Bank was released in 2010 when the Reserve Bank had the opportunity to have a platinum jubilee.

9th Asian Games coin

The next coin you are watching was launched in 1982 on the occasion of the 9th Asian Games.

150 years of railways

The next coin you are looking at on screen was then released in 2003 on completion of 150 years of railways.

But all these coins are not so precious that you can get Lakhs of rupees, but the next coin that I am going to show you can give you 2 to 3 lakh rupees.

2 Rupees Coin that have value up to 3 Lakh

You can see on screen this 2 rupees coin is the most precious and these coins were made in very small quantities so it costs a lot more. As you can see
The land is marked on the coin is the main resource.

Land vital Resources
The coin was issued on National Land Conservation Week which ran between November 14 and November 20, 1992. The coin was issued on that occasion and very few VVIP people have got this coin. This coin was not in normal circulation. This coin is very rare, so if you have such a coin, you can get two and a half to 300,000 rupees.
But you will find many such fake coins that look like it on many websites. But these coins were made in very small quantities and many fake coins look like they have also been made, so beware of such coins.

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