10 Rupees Shalimar Garden note Sold for ₹51000

10 Rupees Shalimar Garden note

If you also have such Shalimar Garden note of 10 rupees then you can become rich
Such a note is quite popular among collectors and collectors can give you a good price for it. This note can be more expensive than can think. A few days back a set of 10 Rupees Shalimar Garden note sold for ₹51000

Such a Shalimar Garden note of Rs 10 can make you rich, but these old 10 rupee note are not easy to find in today’s time. There is no lack of hobbyists in India. Those who keep old things with them are ready to pay any cost. Whether it is five rupees or ten rupees notes. There is a lot of demand in the market for old, very rarely available notes.
People are ready to pay lakhs of rupees for old and rare notes.

10 Rupees Shalimar Garden note Design

10 Rupees Shalimar Garden note back

On this note, there is a picture of Shalimar Bagh located in Srinagar. There is a famous garden in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir which is an example of Mughal Bagh. It was built by the Mughal emperor Jahangir in Srinagar. Apart from Hindi and English, Rs 10 is written on this note in 13 regional languages.
On the front part of the note, you will see the Ashoka pillar made, under the Ashoka pillar you can see the writing Satyamev Jayate.
Kesari brown and light green colors have been used on this note. 10 Rs Shalimar Garden note were only issued in two RBI Governors time span, Which is S. Venkitaramanan & C. Rangarajan.

Which 10 Rupees notes are Rare and Expensive

Such a Shalimar Garden normal note of 10 rupees cannot make you rich for this, there should be some special things in your note such as a series of fancy numbers EX a fancy number note like 786 twice or there is a misprint in the note. Or the same number has come up multiple times.

10 Rupees Shalimar Garden note that Sold for ₹51000

10 Rupees Shalimar Garden note that Sold for ₹51000

Recently in an auction by the classical numismatic gallery a set of 10 rupees Shalimar garden notes sold for the amount of 51000 rupees. These notes were sold for such value just because they are not easy to find and their serial number is very unique both of the notes are signed by C Rangarajan Ji. The serial number of these notes are 99N 999999 and 99N 1000000
If you also get such kind of old 10 rupee note you can also get the same amount of money.

Value of common 10 rupees notes

10 rupees common Shalimar garden notes or notes are considered as normal notes and it’s well you are not that much higher the value of these notes can only go up to 30 rupees to 50 rupees. Only the notes which have 786786, a fancy serial number like 1111111, or notes with errors are rare in today’s time.

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