50 Paise Coin Worth 1 Lakh?

Does a 50 Paisa coin give you one lakh rupees? I recently found viral news published by a big media house that this 50 paise coin, which was released in 2011 and circulated till 2016 that can be 50 Paise Coin Worth 1 Lakh. Is this coin actually valuable that much money? Let’s find out.

These coins of 50 paise coins were the last released coins in India of this face value. After this, no other coins of 50 paise were issued. 50 paise coins are still legal tender. but in the market, no one uses 50 paise coins on a daily basis.

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CountryRepublic India 
Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Year of Launch2011-2016
Face Value50 Paise
MetalStainless steel
Weight2.9 g
Diameter19 mm

50 Paise Coin Value 2011-2016

The viral news referred to these coins as being very rare and claimed that a 50 Paise Coin Worth 1 Lakh. These coins become valuable for as much as 1 Lakh rupees, but this is not true.

These coins are very common and can be easily found in any household. I have these coins in huge numbers in my collection as you see in the pictures.

This viral news is 100% false and Unreal. No proof for this coin to be considered a rare coin. Let me tell you the value of these coins at the current time.

These coins are very easy to find in coin exhibitions are you can buy them with any genuine coin seller/collector at the cost of 5 to 10 rupees maximum in fine to UNC condition.

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