1 Rupee – George V Coin

1 Rupee George V Silver Coins

Here we are going to talk about the 1 Rupee George V British Indian coins. During British rule, these coins were quite common in circulation, At that time one rupee coin has a very high-value many things you can purchase from 1 rupee coin. These kings and queen coins were circulated between 1911. King George was the ruler of England in 1911. India was also under the governance of the King. So Indian coins also have a picture of England’s king.
So are going to the most expensive coins of King George V.
At the current time, you don’t get to see this kind of V coin easily because it’s very hard to find these coins in today’s time. Only coin collectors take interest in these types of coins. Common men don’t have such a big amount to buy these coins.


This one rupee silver coin design has very beautiful. The floral pattern can be seen on the backside of this coin with different kinds of flowers. On the middle side of the coin, you can clearly see One Rupee India written also the coin minting year is mentioned. In Urdu, one rupee is also can be seen as well. The front side of the coin has king George’s 5th picture. George king fifth and the emperor are mentioned on the coin. These coins were minted with silver which was very common in the 19th century. The weight of this coin is around 11.6 grams. These coins were maintained from 1912 to 1936

face value1 Rupee
Weight11.66 g
Diameter30.5 mm
Thickness1.55 mm

1 Rupee George V Coins value

These coins were made of Silver, to maintain this coin condition to then you are not very easy to show the value of the UNC condition of these coins is very rare. So if you have good condition coins like this you can get good value the coin collector always searches for good condition coins and if they found them they will give you a good amount of money for these coins. the value of this coin depends on the coin condition theses coins can give you a value from ₹700 to ₹3500

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