1 Rupee Coin Value 1975-1982

One rupee coins are one of India’s most common types of coins. But the big old design 1 rupee coin is not easily visible in common circulation now. 1 rupee coin in republic India was started minting in 1950. After that, the one rupee coins are minted in the years 1954, 1962, and 1970. This type of old design coin with corn strive on the coin was very common for a long time.

These Old 1 Rupee coins are not easily found in the market.
Most people who have these types of coins in their homes, keep them for their collection and never use them for buying goods. So, are these types rare? let’s find out.

These 1 Rupee coins were minted from 1975 to 1982 before that we had 1 rupee coins from 1962 and 1970 if you want to know about read our previous post. Today we will discuss the 1 Rupee Coin Value from 1975-1982


1 rupee 1978 coin

These new coins (1975-1982) were minted with copper and nickel metal, but previously one rupee coins were minted with nickel only. Now, these coins are 8 grams in weight, whereas the coins minted in 1962 and 1972 were 10 grams. These coins have the same design as the previous coins where you can see corn strives on the reverse side of the coin and 1 rupee written. A minting year and mint mark on the bottom side. This coin was minted in Kolkata and Bombay mints. The Bombay mint’s mint mark is diamond shape and the Kolkata mint coin has no mint mark below the year. The Edge of these coins is commonly the security edge.

1 Rupee Coin Value 1975-1982 Price List

The price of these coins is not very high. Many people think that old coins have a very high value in the market in today’s time. But every coin is not considered rare If it’s old. The only coins considered collectible and rare, have very low minting. These one-rupee coins are collectible in UNC condition but the value of these coins is not very high. In unc condition, you can get around 15 to 30 rupees, Max. In fine to extra fine condition, the market value will be around 5 to 10 rupees. A year-wise set from 1975 to 1982 can cost around 100 to 300 Rs as per the condition of the coins. But coins can also be rare because of any error, Edge verity, Etc.

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