Sell 786 Notes 1 RS ,2RS ,5 Rs ,20 Rs and 100 Rs note

786 notes can give you a very high amount of money by selling them. Old 786 notes are not very easy to find and these notes are quite popular among collectors. Today we are going to give you information on 5 expensive 786 notes which are very high in value. And the information we are going to give you here is 100% real and with proof.

How much money you can get from a 786 note we are going to give you the full detailed information in today’s article. So if you got any 786 notes in your collection just comment your which value note you got in your collection and which governor signature is there in your note.

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Most Expensive 786 Notes

Let’s find out which 786 notes are rare. If you got any 786 note then it can be very valuable, but if you got any note which has 786786 two times then this note can be much more valuable than any single 786 note. Also, Note where the Serial Number is 000786 or 111786 that type note also count as rare. So if you got a 786 note with any fancy series and you got an old series note then it can be much more valuable and give you a very high value in today’s market. These kinds of rare notes are sold in a big coin auction at a very high price by the bidders and coin collectors.
Top 786 expensive notes
Here we are going to give you 2 information of about 5 expensive 786 notes sold in auctions.

5 Rupees 786 Tractor note Value

1. You can see in the image there is a 5 rupees tractor note and this note is signed by c Rangarajan and the serial number of this note is 786786. This kind of 786786 note is very rare and this note is an old series note that makes this note much more there. The condition of this note is very good and this note comes in the scare category, and this not was auctioned buy classical numismatic gallery in the amount of ₹8500 rupees in 2015, and in today’s time, this can be much more valuable. A good condition note can give a very high amount.

5 Rs 786 note

100 Rupees old agriculture 786 note

You can see an image of 100 rupees old agriculture note on your screen now and this note also has a serial number 786 786 this note is also signed by C. Rangarajan Ji. This note was in uncirculated condition and the note was sold for 13000 rupees

100 Rupees old agriculture 786 note

20 Rupees Chakra 786 Note Value

Our next rare note is a 20 rupees chakra note which is also signed by c Rangarajan and the note also has Double 786 as a serial number. The condition of this note is uncirculated and this note was auctioned around 17000 rupees

20 Rupees Chakra 786 Note Value

2 Rupees 786 satellite issue note Value

Our next rare 786 note is at 2 Rupees satellite issue note 800 also comes with double 786 serial number. And this 2 Rupees note was sold for 24000 rupees

1 Rupee 786 note bundle Value

Our next notes are 1 rupee note bundle (100 notes) which are signed by s Venkatraman is this note serial number starts with 786701 to 786 800 that means every note have 786 serial number on it these notes are very rare and sold for 30000 rupees in 2011 that’s mean in today’s time please note can be much more valuable because it’s around 10 years already.

1 Rupee 786 note Value

How to sell 786 notes Ebay, Olx, Quikr and IndiaMart

Many websites and videos claimed that you can sell 786 notes on eBay but eBay India is closed for a very long time so you can’t sell any notes on eBay India, is still working but it will not be very helpful for Indian customers. Olx, Quikr and IndiaMart still there.

If you want to sell your notes you can contact Todywalla Auction House or Classical numismatic Gallery which are very big auction houses of India and have a very repetitive name also.
Also, you can sell this type of note in coin exhibitions which are held around the country am time to time. also helps you to sell your notes and coins by posting your free ads on our website you can easily find a buyer sell page link is below you can post your ads right now I hope you like the article.

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