5 Rupees coin Worth 1500 | 5 Rupees K Kamaraj Coin

Rs 5 coins are in circulation for a long time. Many of you use 5 Rupees coins in daily life for purchasing goods. But did you ever think that a 5 coin can give you a higher value than its face value?
In republic India, 5 rupees coins are in circulation since 1985 when the first commemorative coin of Indira Gandhi was released. But the common coin of rs 5 started minting in 1992. There are many rs 5 coins which are available and collectible in today’s time. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the five rupee coin released in 2004 with the picture of K Kamraj.
K Kamraj was a freedom fighter and also a two-time chief minister of Madras state. Let’s find out the 5 Rupees K Kamraj Coin value.

How 5 Rupees Coin become rare

A few years from now these 5 coins were not considered that much rare as its today. After the RTI act came to power, now the common man can get information from government authorities.
Recently many RTIs were filed to know the mintage of these old coins. In one RTI we got found that these coins were only minted in very small quantities from the Bombay mint. Before we talk about which coins are collectible and rare we first know how we can identify these coins. To identify these coins you first know the design of this coin and the mint mark.

Type of CoinCommemorative issue
Year of Launch2004
Face Value5 Rupees
Diameter24 mm


This 5 Rupee coin was minted in 2004. These coins minded with copper-nickel which was quite common at that time in Indian coins. The weight of these coins was 9 grams. These coins were minted in Bombay and Hyderabad mints. If you want to identify the Bombay mint coins you have to see there is a diamond shape mint mark on the coin below the year. The Hyderabad mint coins have a star mint mark just at the bottom side of the coin. This coin has an Ashoka pillar with Satyamev Jayate mentioned. Also, there is India and Bharat written side by side, and ‘5 rupees’ is mentioned. Over the side of the coin have Kumar Kamraj’s picture with K Kamaraj written in Hindi and English. Also, the lifespan years are also mentioned below K Kamaraj.
The mint mark is shown just below the years.

5 rs k kamaraj

5 Rupees K Kamaraj 5 Rupees coin Price

So now you all know the difference between Hyderabad and Bombay mint. Now we discuss what is the market value of these coins. Among Bombay and Hyderabad mint coins, the more valuable coins are from the Bombay mint coins. The mintage of these Bombay mint coins is disclosed in RTI which was around 8 lakh 30000 in the count. If we talk about the value of a 5 rupees coin of K Kamaraj minted in Bombay mint is from 800 to 1000 rupees in UNC condition. In very fine to extra fine condition these coins can give you from 200 to 500 rupees each.
Whereas the Hyderabad mint coin has a value of 150 Rupees in UNC condition. Very fine to extra fine condition coins can give you around 20 to 50 rupees.

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