786 Notes worth ₹22000 | Sell 786 Note to Direct Buyer 2033

786 notes are very popular these days. If you have any such 786 notes and you want to sell them, this post is going to be very helpful for you. In this post, we are going to tell you about two such notes which sold for 22000 rupees. If you want to sell 786 notes, we are going to tell you where you can sell them easily.
786 number notes can be much more expensive than any common note, also 786 number is considered a holy number. If your note contains 786 a single time in a currency note then it can be valuable but if you got a note of 786 repeated 2 times (786786) then it is much more expensive.
If you found of collecting old notes then you must collect these types of notes which contain 786 numbers. 786 Notes can give a very good amount if you really found a correct note. What things make a 786 note rare, read below.

If you found a 786786 number note then this will be the most expensive 786 note. So you have to try to search 786786 numbers. but some other 786 numbers can also be rare like 000786 and 786000. If you found these kinds of numbers in new notes then these are valuable but the same 786786 number note becomes more expensive when it comes with an old issue note.

786 serial 2 notes Sold for ₹22000

786 notes 10 & 50 Rs
Image Credits – Classical Numismatic Gallery

Recently an auction organized by “classical numismatic gallery” sold two notes set for 22000 Rs. This set contains 10 rupees Shalimar garden note and a 50 rupees Indian parliament picture note. Both of these two notes have serial number 786786. Rs 10 note has the signature of C. Rangarajan and Rs 50 note has a serial number of Bimal Jalan. Notes condition was extremely fine. The auction works on a bidding system, many people take part and those who built higher than others win the bid and get the note.

Image Credits – Classical Numismatic Gallery

Before you Sell your Notes online

These days online selling is not an easy job because there are many frauds and scammers who are active on social media. These fraud persons will ask you for money to sell your old notes or coins. But you need to avoid any person who asks for money to sell your notes or coins in the name of registration fees or GST. These types of fraud are increasing day by day. So you should avoid giving any money to anyone.

How to Sell 786 Notes online

Now your question will be how I can sell 786 notes online as already told you selling online is not easy. There are many different platforms like OLX, Quikr, eBay, and indiancoinmill.com which is our website where you can post ads for your currency. If you are a currency collector you must know the price of your old currency at a current time before you sell them. If you watch online videos that show you that single 786 notes have value in lakhs and you believe in them, then there is a big chance that you also can fall into the trap of fraud coin buyers online.

Our website Indian Coin Mill has many articles with a price list of old currency notes and coins. These posts can help you understand the real value of your currency so make sure you read them all.
Now you know the real value of your old currency then you can post your ads on any website and you can easily find a buyer because your selling price is genuine.

FAQ on 786 notes

  • Qus – How to Sell 786 notes on eBay India?
  • Ans – eBay India Closed its website in India long ago in 2018, so you still you ebay.com
  • Qus – how to sell 786 notes on Olx?
  • Ans – Olx is Classified Ads posting website. You can create a new account by email or mobile No. But Olx gives you only 2 ads Our Website has Unlimited free Ads Posting.
  • Qus – Which 786 Notes are Rare and Valuable?
  • Ans – All 786 Notes are noted as valuable. Single 786 Serial is not rare as a 786786 note. A single 786 note is only considered rare if it’s an old series.

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