One Quarter Anna (East India Company)

How much costly can a one-quarter anna be you cannot imagine. the coin was started minting in the time of East India Company in 1835 this was the first time one-quarter anna of Indian coins were started in circulation. This coin was made of Copper and the weight of 6.47 grams the shape of the coin was circular. When this coin was started to maintain it has two tigers honoured with the logo of East India Company then after many kings and Queens wear introduce on the coin like Queen Victoria Edward VII king George v as well.


IMG-20200903-152045But here we are going to talk only about the coins of King George V coins which were circulated from 1911 to 1936. On the front side of the screen can see one quarter anna India in the backside of the coin has a picture of King George v and also written George king V Emperor on it. Now let’s talk about the value of this coin the coin value is calculated with the condition and the rare category. coins were made of pure copper INR to maintain this coin condition to then you not very easy show the value of UNC condition of these coins is very rare. So if you have good condition coins like this you can get the good value the coin collector always search for good condition coins and if they found it they will give you a good amount of money for these coins.

                                                                                         CountryIndia – British 
                                                                                    TypeCommon coin
                                                                                    Value1/4 Anna = 1/64 Rupee 
                                                                                     Weight6.48 g

Let’s talk about the value of King George V coins. The value of the coins comes under the quality of the coin and the Mint where the coin was made.
If you got 1913 and 1924 UNC coins you can get 1000 rupees for them.
Now take a look at more valuable coin which was circulated in 1931 this coin minted in Kolkata mint have a value of 1500 rupees in current time.
1911 Kolkata mental coin have more value than the both of the above coins it has a value of 6000 rupees in UNC condition in current time.
Now take a look at the most expensive one quarter anna of king George v this coin was launched in 1916 and this coin have a value of 15000 rupees

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