One Quarter Dollar Most Expensive coins

These coins are from the United States of America. These coins are in circulation from wearing long long time in the USA. From time to time this coin Got changed in the design.


Few coins you can see in the images below which are the different type of coins of one-quarter dollar. You can see many different types of designs on is coins. These images were closely related to American history.

One quarter dollar most expensive coins

Just like in India 25 paise coins are circulated the same in the USA this one-quarter dollar or in the circulation. Nowadays these coins minted with copper and Nickel metal but in earlier time these coins were made with 90% silver.

Guys have you seen this type of coins anytime before tell us in the comment box.3


Country United States 
Type Common coin
Years 1965-1998
Value Quarter Dollar = 25 Cents
0.25 USD = 17 INR
Metal Copper-nickel clad Copper
Weight 5.67 g
Diameter 24.26 mm
Thickness 1.75 mm
Shape Round

These coins can be more expensive than you think, one of these coins have been sold for $14,000.

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