How to Sell Old Coins & Notes 2023 – Full guide and Price list

If you are interested in selling old coins and currency notes then you have landed on the right page. Today in this post we will tell you how can you easily sell your old coins and note.
Everyone wants to be rich and earn money and if you got any rare currency coins and notes then you have a big chance to make easy money by selling them. But in today’s time, it’s not very easy to sell rare currency. There are many frauds and scammers active online who just want to steal your money in the name of fees and charges.
Many of you don’t know how to sell your old coins and notes to a direct buyer.
So in today’s post, we are going to guide you, so that you can easily sell your old coins and notes without any problem.

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Old Coin and Notes Price list

Before you sell your old coins and notes you must have proper information about their current market value. In today’s time the market value going up but if you got any normal coin you will not get any good amount. Normal currency coins will not give you any value so make sure you check the price list before selling your old coins. On our website, you can check the complete price list of many old currency notes and coins with their estimated current market value. Read – Old Indian Coins Value 2023

How to Sell Old Coins and Notes in the International Market

Same to OLX and Quikr there are many international websites like eBay, Heritage auction, and modern coin mart.
International websites will not accept all user’s prices of their term and conditions. Choose the right side website. eBay is one of the websites which can choose to sell in the international market because it’s for Indian users as well as any other country.

Sell Old Coins and Notes

sell coins & notes

There are many ways to sell your old coins and notes but all of them are not simple. You may have heard about OLX, Quikr, and other websites that you can use for selling old coins. These are some easy ways to post your ads on a website and wait for a buyer to buy your coins and notes the price you listed.
If you want to sell on OLX or Quikr you first need to download their apps or go to your website there is a process to do this.
1. Download the OLX or Quikr app on your Android or iOS phone.
2. Register with your mobile number or social media accounts.
3. It may ask you to fill in your details like mobile and Android on these websites.
4. Post your head by uploading pictures of your old coin or note.
5. Put your price that which you want to sell your old coin and note.
6. Make sure you’re not putting a price that is higher than the current market value because you can’t sell if you put the wrong value of the currency.
7. Now you have to wait for the right buyer to buy your old rare currency.
8. Make sure you don’t give any money to any unknown person without the proper information. Some of them will ask you for a commission free to sell your old coin or in the name of GST don’t believe all of that.

How to Sell Your Old Coins in Coin Exhibitions

We have covered different ways of selling old coins but one of the best-selling old coins and notes is a fine exhibition.
In India, there are many different coin exhibitions being organized every month, throughout the year. And in coin exhibitions, you can find many stalls where seller sell their old coins. The seller collects their old coins from people like you. But the seller will only buy your old coins and notes if your old currency is actually rare and collectible.
They will buy your coins with a lower value than the actual market price because they want to make some profit by selling them.

Sell Old Coins and Notes in Auctions

If you decide to see your whole coin and notes in currency auctions then this is not the easy way. The first work you have to do is to contact the option house directly by email or the contact information provided on their website. Make sure you have any rare currency notes or coins that you want to sell here.

Big Auction House Name in India

  1. Todywalla Auctions (Mumbai)
  2. Classical Numismatic Gallery (Gujarat)
  3. Oswal Auction (New Delhi)
  4. Bombay Auctions (Mumbai)

Before you contact any auction house you need to confirm the price of your coin/note with a currency collector or expert. Now you can available the price in the current market. Because the market price always goes up and down you can analyze it by searching on the internet. The Facebook group which has good knowledge and expertise is in this line. Now the action house needs your coin put in the option row. Auction houses do their options on a regular basis like every month or server times a year.

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