5 Rupees Dandi March Coin Value

In today’s post, we will discuss the 5 rupees Dandi March theme coins that were released in the year 2015. On the occasion of the 75th year of Dandi March. Rs 5 coins are in circulation for quite a long time. There are a few types of coins in circulation, simple common definitive coins and some of them are commemorative coins. 5 Rupees Dandi March is a commemorative coin released in 2015.

Recently, some of these Dandi March coins’ value has increased a lot. If you also have such coins in your collection then there is a good chance that you can get a good amount of money from them. But you have to know that these coins are released in some varieties like different metal compositions. These coins are released in copper-nickel and stainless steel metal varieties. also, there are some proof and unc sets released where you find a 5 rupees copper-nickel coin and also a 100 Rupees silver coin as well.
These types of sets have also become valuable now. But the coins which came in common circulation (Circulation Strike) are more valuable and rare. What is “5 Rupees Dandi March Coin Value” in 2022

To get a good price, you need to understand the difference between copper-nickel and stainless steel coins. Which is released in copper-nickel metal and the weight is 9 grams. Whereas the stainless steel coin has only 6 grams of weight.

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Obverse:- The Dandi March coin have Ashoka lion capital on the Obverse side Satyamev Jayate mentioned. भारत and India,रुपये 5 Rupees is also written.
Reverse:- 75th year of Dandi March and डंडी मार्च के 75 वर्ष is also mentioned on this coin. A picture of Dandi March is shown on the coin.

5 rs dandi march

Difference between stainless steel and copper-nickel coin.
Stainless steel coin has a shiny look like silver were the copper-nickel variety have a golden shine present in coin. Also, a big change on the obverse side is the pattern design is present in only Copper Nickel coins. Were Steel verity don’t have this pattern on the coin. See the side-by-side Pic for the comparison.

Value of Dandi March coins
Now it’s time to know the value of this coin. Both of the coins are not valuable.
Stainless steel verity has a very less value than the copper-nickel verity. Steel coins have a value of Upto 20 Rupees in UNC but Copper Nickel coins have a value From XF to UNC from 5000 to 8000 Rs at the Current time. These Prices has been increased very rapidly in recent years.

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