U.S. Coins Price list | Old coins value chart 2023

If you are looking forward to the US coin price list (Old U.S. coins value chart ) then, this is the right place. We have detailed information about all United States of America coin prices. We are providing all Old coin value chart which helps you to figure out the estimated value of your coins so, let’s start.

History United States of America coins

United States of America has a big number of coins, many of which are older than 1792 when the first national mint was founded before that US coins were a mix of foreign and domestic coins these coins were minted during the Colonial Period. In time Colonial Period different type of coins was in common circulation like British pounds, Spanish milled dollars, German thalers.

Coinage Act of 1792

After the Coinage Act of 1792 was passed, a national mint was build in the USA (Philadelphia)

Half cent and cent made from Copper and half dime, dime quarter, half-dollar, dollar were minted with Silver. Quarter eagle, half eagle, and eagle were also made with Gold that is the most expensive metal.

Note: the price list of all us coins is only the estimated value. The price of coins can differ from the current market because the coin market always fluctuates its value.

Half Cent Value

We are going to know the Half cent coins value & price List of the USA. Half-cent coins came into common circulation on 2 April 1792, in 1792 half-cent coins were authorized to be minted from USA coin mints. The last cent coins were minted in the year 1857. The Half cent coin for the lowest value coin minted by the United States of America. Half-cent coins were minted with the metal of copper, these coins have a thickness of 2 mm and a diameter of 23.5 mm.

The coinage act of 1792 was the reason behind these coins come into common circulation. 1793 to 1857, the years when these coins were circulating in the market.

US government passed an act in 1792 to regulate the minting of coins. The USA government decided to introduce 5 posts for or regulation of the minting of these coins.
1. Director
2. Chief Coiner
3. Assayer
4. Engraver
5. Treasurer

The first authorized mint in the USA was the Philadelphia mint. The coinage act of 1792 was the reason behind these coins come into common circulation. 1793 to 1857, the years when these coins were circulating in the market.

Half Cent Coins Specs

Metal Copper
Diameter23.5 mm
CoinFine to Very fineUNC
Half Cent-Liberty Cap – 1793-1797$500 – $10,000$11000 -$12000
Half Cent-Draped Bust – 1800-1808$20 – $500$600 -$700
Half Cent-Classic Head – 1809-1836$20 – $100$320 – $650
Half Cent-Coronet Type – 1840-1857$30 – $100$160 – $350

One Dollar Coin Value

CoinFine to Very fineUNC
Dollar – Flowing Hair 1794-1795$900 to $26,000Up to $100,000
Dollar – Draped Bust -Small Eagle -1795-1798$400 to $1,600$14,000 – $19,000
Dollar – Heraldic Eagle 1798-1803$500 to $1000.$5,000 – $9,000
Dollar – Heraldic Eagle or Bowed Liberty Dollar 1804$17000 to 18000Up to $90,250 
Dollar – Gobrecht – 1836-1839$3,050 to $4,500$8,000 to $10,000
Dollar – Liberty Seated – 1840-1873$150 to $500$1,000 to $1,500
Dollar – Trade 1873-1885$50 to $300$450 to $1,500
Dollar – Morgan 1878-1921$15 to $20$25 to $75

Half Dollar Coins Value

Type FINE TO XFUNC (Uncirculated)
Half Dollar Flowing Hair – 1794-1795$2,100 to $4,000$10,000 or More
Half Dollar Draped Bust -Sm Eagle-1796-1797$10,000 to $30,000.40,000 or More
Half Dollar Draped Bust -Heraldic-1801-1807$190 to $500.$5,000 -$10,000
Half Dollar Capped Bust – 1807-1836$30 – $85$500 to $700
Half Dollar Reeded Edge – 1836-1839$35 to $95$600 to $800
Half Dollar Liberty Seated -1839-1891$20 to $195$300 to $500
Half Dollar Barber 1892-1915$6 to $80$300 to $600
Half Dollar Liberty Walking 1916-1947$6 to $12$15 to $20
Half Dollar Franklin 1948-1963$6 to $8.50$6 to $20
Half Dollar Kennedy 1964$4 to 5$5
Half Dollar Kennedy 1965-1969 (40% silver)$1$3
Half Dollar Kennedy 1970-D$1$3
Half Dollar Bicentennial dated 1776-1976$0.50$0.50
Half Dollar Kennedy 1971-$0.50$0.50

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