10 Rupees Coin Mint is going half

A 10 rupees coin is quite normal these days and widely circulated more than a 10 rupees note, but the material of the coin is not available at the current time Kolkatta mint one of the biggest mint in India which mint large amount the Indian coins has said that we don’t have the such raw material for minting these coins so we are not minting more coins then the last year.

RBI which manages the supply of the coin adjusted coin Indian plan for the financial year 2019 by raising the demand for smaller demonetization denomination of coins and leave of 10 Rs coins following the Indian government maintain failure to process used to cure the ten rupees coin Knox on time according to the official documents the security printing and Minting Corporation of India which controls for government painting units in Kolkata Mumbai Hyderabad and Noida had told RBI in August that it had no option but revise the denomination white Production plan due to unavoidable delay in payment of 5 rupees and 10 rupees coin blocks.


This change could disrupt the RBI coin management plan, people close to RBI’s currency management system said. The central bank favored growing the circulation of Rs 10 coins, the highest-denomination coin minted in India since its introduction in 2005, amid persistent high inflation over a long time, one person said on the condition of anonymity.


Ashoka Pillar Lion Capitol

भारत INDIA
सत्यमेव जयते


Denomination and Rupee symbol below with Cross (Unity in Diversity)

The first Rs 10 coin minted in 2005 featured the lettering “भारत” and “INDIA” on the top, with Lion capital with ‘Satyameva Jayate’ in Hindi below at left, and the date of mint below it on the obverse. On the reverse of the coin, it featured the “Four heads sharing a common body” – cross with a dot in each quadrant in the center, with the lettering “दस रुपये” and “TEN RUPEES” on the outer ring.


TypeCommon coin
Value10 Rupees
MetalBi-Metallic Copper-nickel center in Aluminum-bronze ring
Weight7.71 g
Diameter27 mm
Thickness1.7 mm


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