50 Paise Coin Value 1972-1983

Friends, do you also have any coins of such 50 paise between 1972 and 1983, so in today’s post, we will tell you how much market value they have and how you can sell them. 50 paise released from 1972 to 1983 are rare coins because they are not very easy to find. In today’s time, we barely see these types of coins in our houses. Mostly these types of coins can be found in currency collector homes. But not every coin of this design is considered rare. Only some coins among them are valuable and rare. So to know the 50 Paise Coin Value 1972-1983 you must read this article carefully.


50 paise 1975
Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Year of Launch1972 to 1983
Face Value50 Paise (Half Indian Rupee)
Diameter24 mm

The most significant change made in these new 50 paise coins issued in 1972 was that they were now made in Copper and nickel instead of nickel metal. In the previous article, we have covered detailed information about the 50 Paise coin released 1964-1971. With this, now 50 paise is not written in Devanagari script on the coin, instead, 50 is mentioned in English Numerics on the coin, also paisa is written in Hindi and English on the upwards side. Apart from this, the design of the coin is similar to the previous coin. All these coins have been manufactured in Bombay & Calcutta mint.

50 Paise Coin 1972-1983 Pricelist

50 Paise Coin Value 1972-1983 is a collectible coin but all of them are not rare. To find out the full price info check out the price list below.

first of all, I am telling you the rarest and most valuable coins among them. The coin was released in 1973 by Bombay mint, 1975,1976,1977 coin by Hyderabad mint is worth 100 Rs in UNC condition. The coin was minted from the Calcutta mint in 1983 have a value up to 300 in UNC. 50 paise 1980 coin from the Calcutta mint is worth upto 500 in UNC condition. And the most expensive coin of 50 paise is a 1978 coin from the Bombay mint which has a value of up to 1500 in UNC. All Other Coins have a ₹20 Value in UNC.

50 Paise Coin / YearVery Fine to Extra FineUNC
50 Paise Coin 1972 Bombay Mint₹10 to ₹15₹20
50 Paise Coin 1972 Calcutta Mint₹20 to ₹30₹60
50 Paise Coin 1973 Bombay Mint₹10 to ₹15₹20
50 Paise Coin 1973 Calcutta Mint₹60 to ₹80₹110
50 Paise Coin 1974,1975,1976,1977 Calcutta Mint, Bombay Mint₹10 to ₹15₹20
50 Paise Coin 1975,1976,1977 Hyderabad Mint₹30 to ₹60₹110
50 Paise Coin 1978 Bombay Mint₹600 to ₹1100₹1600
50 Paise Coin 1978 Calcutta Mint₹30 to ₹60₹110
50 Paise Coin 1980 Calcutta Mint₹30 to ₹60₹110
50 Paise Coin 1980 Bombay Mint₹110 to ₹220₹600
50 Paise Coin 1983 Calcutta Mint₹60 to ₹80₹110

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