10 Rupees Coin was Sold for 3 lakhs

10 Rupees coin Value Without Rupee Symbol

You may know about a lot of coins but this is the coin I am talking about a 10 rupees Indian coin which was launched in 2008 and that 10 rupees coin was sold for 3 lakhs. This coin is quite similar to the previous coin but the design has been a little changed.

Recently a similar to this has been sold for 3 lakh rupees in Bombay auction. This coin is very rare and never seen before in circulation this 10 rupees coin was mostly minted in Noida and Bombay mint. Noida Mint coin is quite similar and widely circulated in India put the coin which mint in Bombay was little rare in some condition.

Recently we got know that 10 rupees coin was also made in Kolkata mint but it was not circulated in public very few coins were there and this coins called trial pattern trial patterns.

these coins which can be only used for design purpose and not for circulation in public so increases option in Bombay this coin one auction in 3 lakh rupees

Fake News That makes these coins vanished from the market

Fake coins are generally more expensive to make than fake paper currency. “Coins are generally more expensive as the intrinsic value is much higher,” said a bank official, explaining why counterfeiting of coins is not as common as faking currency notes.

10 Rupees Real and fake Coins

According to specifications by the Reserve Bank of India, the Rs 10 coin should be “bimetallic”, circular, with a diameter of 27mm and a weight of 7.71gm.

Since the Rs 10 coin’s launch in 2009, several versions have been released, but these parameters have remained the same. In one of the versions of the Rs 10 coin, the reverse side has 10 notches with the rupee symbol and the numeral 10 written below. On one of the fake coins found in Malda, the reverse side has 15 notches.

On the coin that has the 15 notches, there were two bars above and below the Ashoka pillar symbol.

In a district where transacting with a Rs 500 currency note is next to impossible — no one takes the note fearing it would be a fake — the counterfeit coin has introduced more panic.

Type – Commemorative coin

Launch Year – 2008

Metal – Copper-Nickle

Weight – 7.7 Gram

Shape – Round
Mint – Bombay, Noida

Thickness – 2.6 mm

In today’s article, we are going to discuss this one rupee coin which was released in 1994. This one rupee coin was launched to show the value of the family.

Indian government launched many coins from time to time some coins are normal coins but some are commemorative coins that are released to express any valuable messages or remembering great persons. The USA launched this coin in 1994 to show the importance of the family.

15th May 1994 World day it was started and celebrated as the International Year of the family. there are many programs organized on 15th May every year to show the importance of a family.

The important thing about this coin 10 Rupees coin

The front side of the coin has Ashok Stambh on it and just bottom of this Ashok Stambh you can see the Satyamev Jayate is written there, you can also see one rupee written in Hindi and English. The other side of the coin has the logo of the International year of the family in the middle.

You can also see the International year of the family written in English and in Hindi, you can see Antar Rashtriya Parivar Varsh, and at the bottom of this coin Mint India and the Mint, mark has been written.

This was the first commodity coin that was launched in stainless steel format earlier coins were made with copper Nickel. this coin has a weight of 4.8 grams this coin was melted in Bombay and Noida.

10 Rupees Coin value

This coin comes in the rare category the coin which was minted in the Bombay mint has a value of 150 rupees in current time but the coin which was minted in Noida mint has a very rare coin and has a value of 1000 rupees in UNC condition.

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