Old Indian Coins Value List Price 2024

Old Coin Price and Value Guide

If you have any of the Indian rare coins and want to know the Old Indian Coins Value list price in 2024 then this is the right place for you. In every Indian house, we have old coins of our grandparents and many of these coins can get you lakhs of rupees. if those are rare ones than you can get good amount of money. To know how much money you will get for your old coin price in 2024 and how to sell old coins read this full post for the knowledge.

Old Coin’s Price information

We are here with genuine information about the Old Indian Coins Value list price. You may have seen many videos and articles on the internet about these old rare coins but no one is there to give you complete information about these old rare coins. Most of the information on the internet is not accurate and many of them are spreading false information. We have written a complete guidebook for old Indian coins with 100% correct information collected from genuine sources.

Knowledge of Old Coin Price

To Know the Old Coin Price in 2023 is not an easy task. The Internet is flooded with lots of misinformation and fake news. After a lot of Research, we have collected some genuine knowledge for our readers. So if you don’t have much information about old Indian coins then read this article carefully.

RBI old coins price list PDF 2024

Please note that RBI doesn’t provide any type of price list on their website or offline method. The old coin Price list can be gathered by hard Research that we have already done for you. You can check the full price list of many old coins and currency Notes below.

So here is the list of old rare coins in Indian coins with their price and values.

Old Republic Indian Coins Value and list

Top 10 Most Rare & Expensive 1 Rs Coins list in India

  • 1. One Rupee International Year of the family (Noida Mint)
  • 2. One Rupee Unity in Diversity 2004 Coin
  • 3. One Rupee Jawaharlal Nehru 1989 Coin (Noida Mint)
  • 4. One Rupee Lokmanya Jai Prakash Narayan 2002 (Without Mint mark)
  • 5. One Rupee Coin 1954
  • 6. One Rupee Coin 1970
  • 7. One Rupee Coin 1991 (Noida Mint)
  • 8. One Rupee Coin 1982
  • 9. One Rupee 1983 coin (Hyderabad Mint)
  • 10. One Rupee International Youth Year (Hyderabad Mint)

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Top Most Rare & Expensive 2 Rs Coins list in India

  1. 2 Rupees Shyama Prasad Mukherjee
  2. 2 Rupees Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Hyd Mint)
  3. 2 Rupees Agri Expo 1995
  4. 2 Rupees Indian AirForce Platinum Jubilee
  5. 2 Rupees Subhash Chandra Bose 1996
  6. 2 Rupees Deshbandhu Chitranjan Das
  7. 2 Rupees Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel (Noida Mint)
  8. 8th World Tamil Conference Saint Thiruvalluvar
  9. 2 Rupees 1992 (Noida Mint) 2004 (Calcutta Mint)

Hope you like the information we will keep updating the price of old Indian coin support by sharing this article with others.

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Is RBI buying old coins?

The answer is No RBI Don’t Buy Any kind of coins.

How to sell old coins to RBI?

There is no way to do that.

RBI old coin buyer contact number

RBI is not involved in buying any type of currency. Don’t trust any person who told you that you sell any type of coins or notes to RBI. There is no such Contact Number provided by RBI.

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