2 Rupees 1950-2000 Supreme Court of India Coin.

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₹ 500,000.00

Year : 2000
VALUE : 2 Rupees (2INR)
Composition : Copper Nickel
Weight : 6 gm
Diameter : 26 mm

On 28th January 1950, the supreme court of India was been established. And on its golden jubilee occasion on 28th January 2000, this coin was been issued.
This is one of a coin that has Ashokan Lion on both sides of the coin. On the top, you can see a wheel. Ashokan Lion on the center, below it “Yato Dharma Statojaya” in Sanskrit which means where there is a virtue(Dharma), there is victory. On the right “Supreme Court of India” in English and “Bharat Ka Uchchatam Nyayalaya” on left in hindi. At the bottom “1950-2000” is shown as 50 years of establishment of the supreme court of India.

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