Most expensive hundred Rupees note

Most expensive hundred Rupees note

You will be amazed to know the value of a 100 rupees Indian note. This was quite a common note 10 years back but nowadays you can’t found notes very easily in recent times. we also got a new 100 rupee note in 2018 as well. The 100 rupees notes there is torn the theme of agriculture there are many types of agriculture activity you can see on this, not the first you can see there is a chakra Nangal bandh the second photo you can see some women’s planting the rice plants the person you can see someone else picking up that tea from the tea garden. Just down that, you can see a farmer with his tractor working on a field.

The first time when this agriculture hundred Rupees note was launched RBI have S Jagannathan as a governor of the Reserve Bank of India. This note was launched in 1970 and keep printing1975. was colored with Cobalt blue, brown in different areas. Most of the ornamental design removed circular and cured watermark Windows is printed on the note, language panel on the top numerical hundred in color and with horizontal prefix numbers. Agriculture design on the bag with wheel sheaf shelf bhakhra Nangal, tea paddy plantation and This note was released on 26th March 1975. This does not have a value of 16000 rupees at current the time.

After this note we got a 100 rupees note with K R Puri signature this was circulated between 1975 to 1970.

Then we got a more expensive note in 1977 t in the time of governor M Narasimham this not have a value of 18000 rupees in good condition.

These coins were made of pure copper INR to maintain this coin condition to then you not very easy show the value of UNC condition of these coins is very rare. So if you have good condition coins like this you can get good value the coin collector always searches for good condition coins and if they found them they will give you a good amount of money for these coins.

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